Team - Michael Docherty

Michael Docherty

Chief Operating Officer

Mike brings unique operating experience to Docherty, having been a senior corporate executive, entrepreneur and venture capitalist. In his earlier career, he learned important strategic management skills as an executive working for large companies including GE and Ford, then as an SVP/GM at Sunbeam. Mike then moved to more creative, entrepreneurial work including growing a Michigan-based design firm, leading a venture investment firm and later building several venture-funded startups.

As Docherty COO, Mike supports the agency’s behind the scenes work including strategic planning, business development and operational improvements. Mike is also active in philanthropic activities, leading several non-profit groups that support innovation and economic development in the tri-state region (OH/PA/WV). In addition to his responsibilities with Docherty, Mike is often hard at work vying to be Deb's favorite brother. She knows how to play that game.