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Jared Pascoe (Agency Director) - [email protected] 

Deb Docherty (Founder) - [email protected]

Sarah Stone (Agent) - [email protected]

Stephanie Herrmann (Agent) - [email protected]

Cheryl DuChez  (Agent) - [email protected]

Madison Gordon (Agent) - [email protected]

Fidel Anderson (Assistant Agent) - [email protected]

Vikki Ferguson (Finance Manager) - [email protected]

Michael Docherty (COO) - [email protected]

John Docherty (CFO) - [email protected]

Interested in applying for an Internship at Docherty? We are looking for independent and hard working people who have an interest in working in the entertainment industry. If this sounds like you, please send a cover letter and resume to the office at which you are interested in applying.

NOTE - Those interested in modeling and acting should use our online application form to submit their information.

Job responsibilities involve assisting agents in our Print, Broadcast and Kids/New Faces departments with daily tasks. These include answering telephones, helping to prepare and orchestrate monthly open calls, taping and scheduling auditions and print go-sees, providing booking details to talent, updating talent marketing materials and helping to coordinate any other exciting events and/or incoming jobs that filter in when you are on staff.

Internships must be for college credit.