Team - Deb Docherty

Deb Docherty


Deb Docherty’s modeling career began right after college, and she quickly become a top model in the Pittsburgh market. After five years in front of the camera, Deb turned her attention to the business of modeling, wearing many hats including make-up, props, locations, wardrobe, studio manager, AD and producer. Building on her modeling career, business experience and regional reputation, she opened Docherty Casting in 1987. Deb funded her new business in with a credit card because the banks around Pittsburgh would not lend a former female model money to start a business, Always the resourceful entrepreneur, she set up her office right across the street from Froggy’s bar on Market Street – she knew where to find everyone on a Friday night.

Deb evolved and grew the Docherty Agency into its current position as the region’s leading and most respected talent agency, with a reputation of representing premiere talent - both models and actors worldwide. With offices in the Pennsylvania and Ohio markets, Docherty continues to garner awards in excellence and national recognition in the fashion, advertising and acting communities. As founder, Deb still provides guidance to the agency, staying active in the community as a prominent figure and supporting the growth of the region’s film industry. She’s the proud mother (and mother-in-law) to her son Daniel and his new bride Praneeta, and also mother and master to Grady, her loyal and handsome doodle mix.